What We Do

We help growth-minded entrepreneurs, build a self-sustaining business that makes an impact, and Leaves a Legacy.

We help entrepreneurs solve their biggest challenges… 

• Lack of Control: You started this business so you could have more control over your time, money, and freedom…but your business runs your life.

• Lack of Profit: Quite simply, you don’t have enough. It’s a frustrating feeling to look at the monthly P&L (or daily cash flow) and realize that no matter how hard you work the numbers just don’t add up.

• People: Nobody (employees, partners, vendors) seems to understand you or do things your way. You’re just not on the same page.

• Hitting the Ceiling: Growth has stopped. The business is more complex, not as much fun, and you can’t figure out exactly why it isn’t working.

• Nothing Is Working: You’ve tried several remedies, consulted books, and instituted quick fixes. None of these have worked for long. Your employees have become numb to new initiatives. Your wheels are spinning and you have no traction.

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Why Legacy 4:12

1. Been there, done that!: We have been in your shoes; we know what it takes to build a self-sustaining business.
2. Our Proven Process: Operating System that Produces Predictable Results Guaranteed.
3. In It For You: We will treat your business like it’s our own, taking an owner’s perspective.

Our Story

For years, each of these five issues plagued our company and nearly killed our business.

We tried everything to fix it; investing in trainings, workshops, and hiring business coaches and consultants to fix our business. However, nothing worked. We were feeling more lost and lonelier than ever.

So, what did we do wrong? We formed the wrong team. These experts, coaches, consultants, and advisors we engaged lacked what we truly needed. We needed people on our team that had already built what we wanted, a multimillion-dollar company, that experienced consistent and predictable growth. A company that allowed the owners the capacity to put family first and pursue other passions.

Fortunately, we found the right team and at just the right time. When this happened, we grew our business doubled yearly for the next three years. We documented our way of doing business, and have duplicated that proven process in over a dozen businesses sense.