Beau Henderson

When we engaged with Legacy 4:12 in January 2019, I was a new father, trying to balance the demands of both life, and what it took to run an entrepreneurial company. When Legacy joined us, our vision was tremendous, but we were stuck in neutral. Our growth had hit a plateau, and my business needed me so much, it was simply running my life. In the past 15 months, with the help of the Legacy team, we were able to hire and train a leadership team. Legacy’s assistance truly freed me up, and I am now able to spend the majority of my time doing what I love while having the confidence of a team surrounding me to get everything else done. I am happy to say the first quarter of 2020 was our best in 16 years in operation.

Beau HendersonFounder, RichLife Advisors
Mitchell Hobbs

Legacy 4:12 is a trusted partner that delivers on its promises. They have helped us to identify our biggest gaps and opportunities, build a plan to address them, and create the systems and processes to ensure accountability. Their disciplined approach helped us successfully open our first location while simultaneously helping us to position for future growth and scalability. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to get out of the weeds and focus on the big picture of growing their business.

Mitchell HobbsSpenga Franchise Owner
Benj Miller

Legacy 4:12 was instrumental in getting us over a hump in our business. Their team’s knowledge and use of their operational system were foundational in giving us an immediate common language to build from and they were quickly able to build trust with our team and customers. They proved they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to fight for our success. I would not hesitate to recommend Legacy 4:12 if you are looking to make significant gains in your business.

Benj MillerCo-Founder, NINETY
Jim Walker

Asset Defense Team hired Legacy 4:12 to evaluate our company and help us get started in the right direction. Casey and his team were insightful, intuitive, very honest and upfront with the assessment of our company and staff. This information was imperative to help our company to grow and make the correct changes that Bob and I, as owners, were unable to see. I would recommend Casey and his team for any business that is either new or established, so they can get an inside look at their company and learn new proper skill sets on how to be healthy.

Jim WalkerCo-Founder, Asset Defense Team
Edward Gorman

I am happy to say it was a pleasure working with their entire team.  In closing, for the first quarter of 2017, our business was up 133%, going from a net loss to a net gain. Those numbers speak for themselves. Your company will grow with the help of the Legacy 4:12 team.

Edward GormanClient
Chad Merrill

I began a partnership with Casey in 2014 when we started Impact 2:52, LLC. Since that time, we have started 3 related companies. Casey is the most process-driven and detail oriented person I know. I have never worked with someone with his capacity to manage multiple work streams. It has been a pleasure to invest in Casey!

Chad MerrillBusiness Partner
Mike Moye

It has been a pleasure to partner with Casey in bringing D-BAT Baseball Academies to Georgia. I have worked with Casey for four years as a partner in the D-BAT Atlanta locations and I have seen first hand his incredible drive, work ethic, and ability to systemize practices that have made D-BAT Atlanta the top D-BAT facilities in the country. Casey definitely has the know how to make these academies work successfully, providing the young baseball player an experience unmatched in the industry.

Mike MoyeBusiness Partner
Tim Jarnagin

Casey has a phenomenal vision and his attention to detail and commitment to excellence is second-to-none. His leadership has helped create and document the programs and processes that pave the way to take a business to the next level while focusing on the personnel development which is so critical to making the right things happen. His passion and excitement are contagious and helps those around him keep their eye on the ultimate prize.

Tim JarnaginBusiness Partner
Cade Griffs

Having Casey on the D-BAT team is a huge asset to our brand. Casey always gives 100% effort in everything that he does, and we could not have asked for a better business partner.

Cade GriffsCEO of D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academies
David Manka

The Legacy 4:12 team is gifted at finding opportunities and adding value quickly. They do so with an enthusiasm and charisma that is contagious. Their success comes from much more than a positive attitude. Their team is full of highly accomplished and experienced entrepreneurs and leaders, pursuing the American dream. They can lead you, too.

David MankaBusiness Partner, Legacy Sold Company to David
Alex Childers

Running a collegiate athletic program is similar in many ways to running a small business and Casey has done an amazing job helping our staff articulate vision, while giving suggestions and increasing productivity in many facets.  Casey has supported and been a volunteer assistant coach with the Goshen College baseball team for many years.  During that time his energy and passion have been contagious; he has been a clear asset to both our players and our coaching staff. 

Since Casey has come along side and helped, our success on the field and off has increased.  We finished with the 2nd most wins in a season in program history, all while increasing fundraising and more effectively recruiting and building our brand.  While my association with Casey is less on the profit/loss side and more on the impact of individuals, he truly lives out the mission of Legacy 4:12 and has done his best to leave a Legacy.  We are forever grateful to Casey and his team’s contributions to our program.  Go Leafs!  

Alex ChildersHead Baseball Coach Goshen College
Cass Harrison

Working with Casey & the Legacy 4:12 team brought to light the strengths and weakness of the business. Their structure and methodology helped to give the leadership team a roadmap to success. Their team is energetic and provides creative solutions and thought provoking ideas. They helped management get real in order to not just meet but outperform existing expectations.

Cass HarrisonWash-MD Mobile Fleet Wash & Detail
Daniel Burkhart

Several years into our business, we hit a growth plateau. We tried several different things but couldn’t figure out a way to get to the next level. We wanted to scale, but managing the day to day aspects of the business was holding us back from accomplishing our ultimate vision.  I had an idea of where we wanted to go but was unsure of the process on how to make it happen. The Legacy 4:12 team helped us get clear on our vision and helped us detail out a step by step process to make the vision become a reality. They challenged the way we did business, which ultimately allowed me to solve lingering issues that I was afraid to address on my own. As a result, our business has doubled in the past 12 months and we have had several tens of thousands of clients where we are helping them find the best concerts, sports, and theater tickets on the open market. I give Legacy 4:12 a full endorsement.

Daniel BurkhartCEO www.GuyOnTheCornerTickets.com
Melissa Davis

We engaged Legacy 4:12 to gain a greater sense of clarity and direction on how to best scale our business.  They helped us get clear on our ideal organizational structure, identify gaps within that structure, and whom the ideal people would be to fill such gaps.  They also helped us craft a winning strategy around people.  They allowed us to gain a sense of clarity on how to work best with our existing team by utilizing their skill sets to best maximize their impact.   Throughout our time together they consistently challenged our thought process and the way in which we operated.  This was much needed and as a result, our engagement was a success.

Melissa Davis CEO, Elev8 Hire Solutions
Naresh C. Goel

We were part of an acquisition of Legacy 4:12 and we got to know their team fairly well during that time. Before the negotiations started, we checked their financial capabilities and a full background check. They were very thorough in their inspection of the business and checking out related documents. Closing of the business went smooth, and since they have taken over, their business has grown. They have never missed a monthly payment. It has been a pleasure to know Casey Cavell and the Legacy 4:12 team, and I wish them well in all of their endeavors.

Naresh C. Goel Company Legacy Acquired
Tom Raymond

My company engaged with Legacy 4:12 to help our company with some operational consulting. I was very impressed with their team’s ability to identify real operational issues and quickly implement a plan that addressed and solved them. As a result, our company has experienced a 20% growth rate and that has added significantly to our recurring revenue line of business. Legacy 4:12 has a unique ability to simplify business operations and introduce an operational system for scalable growth. This system allowed us to save time, energy, and money due to the processes we implemented. This was all done while growing our business at a consistent rate. Any growth-minded company looking for a better way to do business would be well served to work with the Legacy 4:12 team.

Tom RaymondCEO, Talking Stick Technology