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Our Proven Process Will:

To be on the Same Page, it’s important to make sure you have the right people, in the right seats. We’ll help you get your team rowing in the same direction, following the same mission, and striving for the same end goals!

It’s AMAZING how much time, energy, and money are drained because of inefficient use of resources. Wrong decisions, bad processes, and confusing direction leads to feeling overwhelmingly STUCK.

Let’s solve that — we’ll help you get out of the quicksand and propelled toward achieving quicker success by getting you OUT of doing the things you shouldn’t have to worry about!

What REALLY matters for you and your business? The quicker you and your leadership team can dial-in on true clarity of the vision and mission — the faster you will regain the CONFIDENCE you need to proceed without hesitation!

Our Visionary & Integrator Solutions

Whether you're in a V/I duo or not, we have a plan for you.

Same Page Meeting Facilitation

Already in a V/I duo? Great! If you truly want your business to thrive, you must invest in your V/I relationship. If you are looking to maximize your V/I duo, we will work with you to build the necessary infrastructure and process to make it happen!

Visionary Advisory

Interested in the V/I dynamic but don't yet have an Integrator you're working with? No problem! Many of our clients are solo Visionaries who are seeking out guidance to determine if a V/I partnership is right for their business.

Integrator Advisory

Are you an integrator who is growth minded and looking to be the very best you can be? Whether you currently have a Visionary partner or not, we'd love to work with you! We have the experience, tools and insights to get you to Integrator mastery quickly.

Who We Partner With


What’s your Visionary "Kryptonite," that thing that's holding you back from reaching your fullest potential? We find that because Visionaries run so fast and go so hard, they fail to look inward, and solve the real issues preventing their business from growing. Creating a business that gets you what you want, starts with you. If you are open minded & growth minded, we can help.

Business Leaders

If you're a key stakeholder in a business (owner, investor, partner, etc.) and hoping to give your organization the tools and resources needed to succeed, we can help. We jump in and get our hands dirty! Our primary objective is making sure YOUR business gets its long-term vision actualized. We'll help assist your team with anything they might need to turn that vision into a reality.


You are the glue holding the organization together, but it can feel like a constant uphill climb to get there. People issues never seem to get fully resolved, the business isn’t always hitting its goals, and your Visionary may not be on the same page. You want to lead your organization forward, but sometimes you may lack the tools, resources, and support needed to do so. If you want to be a world class Integrator, we'll help you get there.

We Understand The Issues Facing Both Visionaries & Integrators


Do these sound familiar?

  • People Issues: People are making excuses, not accomplishing what they need to do, and pushing the vision forward.
  • You Are Experiencing A Lack Of Control: Your business is running your life, your the person that is making it all happen, it’s hard to delegate and trust that the job will get done the way you want it.
  • Tried Everything And Nothing Is Working: You should have already accomplished your long-term vision, but your team is moving too slow, and your business isn’t living up to its fullest potential.
  • Profit: You don’t have enough, you see the solution, but the bottom line isn’t where it should be.


Do these sound familiar?

  • Does your Visionary Have Eyes Bigger Than Their Stomach: What they want to happen isn’t possible in the amount of time they feel it should be done.
  • Experiencing Organizational “Whiplash”: Another day and another five ideas, your Visionary is changing their mind, adding new things to the ever-growing to-do list, and isn’t letting the team stay focused on what’s most important.
  • Experiencing burnout: It is hard working in an environment that is all gas and no break, with unrealistic expectations and a lack of the tools, resources, and people to get the job done.

...If you are experiencing these issues, we can help!

Why Us?

Who better to advise you than...


Casey Cavell, Founder of Legacy 4:12

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