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Legacy Foundations Will:

To be on the Same Page, it’s important to make sure you have the right people, in the right seats. We’ll help you get your team rowing in the same direction, following the same mission, and striving for the same end goals!

It’s AMAZING how much time, energy, and money are drained because of inefficient use of resources. Wrong decisions, bad processes, and confusing direction leads to feeling overwhelmingly STUCK.

Let’s solve that — we’ll help you get out of the quicksand and propelled toward achieving quicker success by getting you OUT of doing the things you shouldn’t have to worry about!

What REALLY matters for you and your business? The quicker you and your leadership team can dial-in on true clarity of the vision and mission — the faster you will regain the CONFIDENCE you need to proceed without hesitation!

Join OVER 50 Entrepreneurs who have already used our proven process to GROW their business.

A Value-Packed 90-Minute Session

Your Legacy Foundations session will help you...

Clarify The Vision

Can you clearly envision what success will look like for you? What do you want this business to provide for you, and your family: What outcome do you want to achieve by building this business?

Identify the REAL Issues

We help you organize, prioritize and work through the real issues that are holding you back from making your vision a reality!

Gain Access to Tools & Resources

You'll get exclusive access to the tools, resources, and the SAME blueprint that has helped hundreds of business owners get their vision executed.

"Legacy Foundations helped us identify our biggest gaps and opportunities, build a plan to address them, and create the systems and processes to ensure accountability. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to get out of the weeds and focus on the big picture of growing their business."
Mitchel Hobbs
Visionary, Spenga Fitness

Your Legacy Foundations Steps

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Brought to you by Legacy 4:12, How Business Owners Are Increasing Profits, Working Less, and Getting Time to Put Family First and Pursue Other Passions is a value-packed executive briefing that walks you through the strategy that will TRANSFORM your business.

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If you have a team of 10-50 people and are looking to get the tools, resources, and people to build a $10,000,000+ business…

Who Is Right For Legacy Foundations?

Business Owners looking to remove themselves from day-to-day involvement

Visionary Business Owners

If you're the owner & visionary for your business and hoping to give your organization the tools and resources needed to succeed, we're here to help! Our primary objective is making sure YOUR business gets its long-term VISION realized.

What’s your Visionary "Kryptonite," that thing that's holding you back from reaching your fullest potential? We find that because Visionaries run so fast and go so hard, they fail to look inward to solve the real issues preventing their business from growing. If you are a growth minded entrepreneur, Legacy Foundations is perfect for you.

We Understand the Challenges You're Facing

How many can you relate to?

  • People Issues: Nobody (your employees, partners, investors, etc.) seems to understand you or want to do things your way. You’re just not on the same page with those that you depend on.
  • You’re Experiencing Lack Of Control: Your business is running your life, you’re the person that is making it all happen, and it’s hard to delegate and trust that the job will get done the way you want it.
  • Tried Everything And Nothing Is Working: You should have already accomplished your long-term vision, but your team is moving too slow, and your business isn’t living up to its fullest potential.
  • Lack Of Profit: You don’t have enough! You see the solution and you can envision where the business needs to be, but the bottom line isn’t where it should be.

...If you're experiencing any of this, we can help!

Why Us?

"Working with Casey & the Legacy 4:12 team brought to light the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Their structure and methodology helped to give the leadership team a roadmap to success."
Legacy 412 testimonial
Cass Harrison
Visionary, Wash-MD

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Casey Cavell, Founder of Legacy 4:12

Business Visionaries Succeeding With Legacy 4:12

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