How to Create Smart Business Goals

Create SMART, Achievable Goals

Does it feel like something is holding you back like you are stuck in a rut, and no matter what you do you can’t seem to crawl your way out of it? Does the path from where you are to where you want to seem too daunting even to try? Too often, many of us […]

Delegate Taks to Focus on Leading

Delegation – The Vital Step to Staying in Your Strengths

Delegation is the key to getting your business to the next level. Those that excel at it thrive; those that don’t wither. If you are doing the same stuff that you were doing a year ago, you are dying a slow death. If you’re not growing, you’re dieing, and that is true both personally and […]

Primary Focus – Zero in on Your Strengths

Your primary focus is what you do, and with absolute clarity, you should be able to define it in two truths: your reason for being and your niche. There is a concept, called the hedgehog concept that helps to put this idea together. Chapter five in the book Good to Great talks about it. That […]

Core Values

Core Values – Know Who You Are

This part is all about “Who you are.” This small set of principles will guide your company along the often time tumultuous path. When times are good, these keep you humble, and when things are not working well, these core values encourage you. These values define your culture and who you are at your most […]

Creating a One-Year Plan for Your Business

Your Company’s Vision – Part Three

Creating a One-Year Plan This part is when the work gets fun. You need a goal post to know where you will be going over the next year. Create a statement that says, “One year from today this business WILL BE.” I put that in caps because this will and must happen. If you ever […]

Creating a Three Year Plan for Your Business

Your Company’s Vision – Part Two

Creating a Three-Year Plan Three years from today, your business will be ___ (fill in the blank). You need to have an answer, or you are flying blind. You don’t need just any answer, though, you want a S.M.A.R.T answer. Smart stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timeframed Be Sure to Have a Ten-Year Plan […]

Create a Ten-Year Goal for Your Business

Your Company’s Vision – Part One

The Ten-Year Plan What do you want your business to be like ten years from now? How do you want it to operate? What do you want your specific role to be? How many locations do you want to have, or do you have a revenue goal in mind? It’s hard to think this far […]

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Getting the Traction You Need to Grow Your Business

Key Components in a Business – Part 6 When you are running your business, “Traction” is what you want to achieve. Don’t worry; you will get here if you can work and execute on the other five components that we discussed in other blogs. Most people never get here because they lack disciple and execution. […]

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Forming the Right Process to Grow Your Business

Key Components in a Business – Part 5 This one is probably my most favorite section. It’s what I do best; it’s what comes naturally. After all, everyone likes doing things that they are good at. Process is all about the way you do business. If you can document clear ways on how you do […]

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Overcoming Issues Holding Your Business Back

Key Components in a Business – Part 4 Issues – we all have them, some more than most. Like people, all businesses have them too. I love how people try to rename these and call them challenges or something softer, but at the end of the day, they are what they are – issues. They […]