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Getting the Traction You Need to Grow Your Business

Key Components in a Business – Part 6

When you are running your business, “Traction” is what you want to achieve. Don’t worry; you will get here if you can work and execute on the other five components that we discussed in other blogs.

Most people never get here because they lack disciple and execution. Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Because of the truth in that statement, it is vital to build the discipline it takes to execute on the component.

Have you been in that situation where you read a blog, such as this one, but then fail to execute anything that you read and get to see real tangible results from it?

Early in my career, I remember going to seminar after seminar, even paying high priced consultants to come into my business for full-day strategic planning sessions, only to leave that seminar or session more overwhelmed than before, trying to figure out how to do any of it.

The scary thing was after that full-day planning session or reading that book; I was able to tackle the world and get it done. That discipline was what I was lacking early in my career.

Fast forward years later, I never go to a seminar, listen to a speaker, or have a meeting with a consultant without putting a simple and executable plan on paper.

The way that our company gains Traction is two-fold.

1. We work 90 days at a time. Our companies set “Rocks,” which are 90-day priorities. When completed and executed, these Rocks help you arrive at your one-year goal. You will learn this as you continue to read our blog. The goal here is that everyone is clear on what they are to do and are accountable to achieve that goal.

2. Set meetings, yes meetings. Most meetings are a waste of time because businesses fail to set winning agendas, and most meetings are not prepared in a simple format. You will learn how to make meetings enjoyable, productive, and worthwhile.

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  1. Amanda Stewart
    Amanda Stewart says:

    Thank you so much Legacy 4:12 for helping me get Traction for my business. This blog and website is such a great help for my business.

  2. Chris Jones
    Chris Jones says:

    Can you please send me more information about the software system you use? Thanks Chris

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