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Growing Your Business by Finding the Right People

Key Components in a Business – Part 2

If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you need to find another room. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with great people. You need great people who bring something different to the table along with others that challenge you and don’t simply agree with everything you say. If your team always agreed with everything you say, there really wouldn’t be a point for one of you to be there.

If your team has bought into your vision and shares similar core values, then people will be your strongest component. If your people are not on board with your values and vision, it will be an uphill battle.

Not only do you need the right people, but also you need to make sure that the right people are in the right role, or seat. You may have one of your brightest employees performing the wrong duties.

Our operational system talks about right people in the right seats. You might have the right people on your team, meaning they share the core values you are portraying, but they might be in the wrong seat. To make sure people are in the right seat, you must be real honest. Are your people the right people, and are they the right people for the seat they are sitting in?

One simple thing that you can create is called a People Analyzer. This EOS ToolTM will list at the top of the paper all the key traits that you want the person to have if they do the job that they are hired to do. It will also list your core values at the top as well.

So, let’s say your core values are like ours:

S. teward Well Time, Money & Resources
T. ransparent in Our Relationships
A. chieve Excellence in every aspect of business
N. urture all Legacies
D. iligent in Business Practices.

You want to have a check-box column for each of these to make sure they will carry out those values.

Now, let’s say they are hired to be a salesperson in the organization. I would have additional criteria that I would run people through prior to bringing them on in that role. So, if they were a sales person, a couple key criteria would be:

  1. Ability to simply be trained on sales
  2. Never met a stranger
  3. Able to handle failure
  4. Willing to overcome objections

Each of these becomes a column too. Now, you can check off the values the person exhibits and use this chart as an evaluation tool.

Putting It all Together

When I started hiring salespeople for baseball and softball academies, I needed to hire sales people. So, I went through a series of questions to see if they were good sales people. It simply didn’t work. I hired sales people that were not good, nor did they have the ability to be good

What I realized is that I failed in the interview process. If you noticed the four criteria that people need to have to be god sales people, I asked questions to see if they would be good, but I didn’t test them. After several failures, I started testing sales people in the interview process. I put them through a series of sales-based interview test (activities) to see if they

  1. Had the ability to simply be trained on sales (Could I make them a salesperson in an hour?)
  2. Never met a stranger
  3. Able to handle failure
  4. Willing to overcome objections

It wasn’t hard. I would put people in a sales situation and pretend I was a customer. I would give them ten minutes to memorize or practice a script and throw them into action. Over the next 30-45 minutes. I worked with them, saw them fail, but if they failed forward, meaning they learned each time and consistently improved, they started to pass the test.

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  1. Greg Martin
    Greg Martin says:

    Great blog! I experienced something like this too. I couldn’t figure out why team wasn’t performing to its potential, but when I moved a team leader to another role and placed a new team leader, the team turned around. It turned out that the former team leader was more of a administrative person and didn’t like the supervisory part of being a team leader. We should all be reminded that people do the best in right role.

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