What We Do

The Legacy 4:12 team provides fractional integrators (COO) and like services for companies that are lacking a key person that

  • Operates on Sound Logic
  • Drives Execution
  • Promotes a Culture of Accountability
  • Forces Resolution
  • Focuses and Unites the Team to Execute Their Mission


Visionary entrepreneurs are gifted with the ability to dream big; they love owning company culture and taking care of important business relationships. They operate best when they do not have to get into the minutia of running a business. In order for visionaries to take their business to the next level, they need the help of an integrator. Hiring an integrator frees the visionary to operate in their natural skill set.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur operating without an integrator Legacy 412 can help.

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A visionary that remains high level and is future-focused is one key in a successful business.

Their counterpart, an integrator, focuses on the day-to-day aspects of the company that helps execute the visionary’s plan.

Legacy 4:12 serves visionaries that are in one of the following scenarios.

  1. Have an integrator in place, but they are looking to get additional coaching help the integrator raise the ceiling.
  2. A company that has yet to clearly identify an integrator and needs services to keep the company operating well.
  3. A company that realizes they do not have an integrator within the organization and must bring one on to ensure an operational sound business.

EOS Integrator | Business Coach

Our team allows visionaries to sit in his or her perfect seat and harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team. An integrator helps to remove obstacles and barriers needed to accomplish the vision agreed upon by the Leadership Team.

If you are having trouble reaching goals and streamlining processes, you may be missing an integrator on your team.

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How Legacy 4:12 can help as a Fractional Integrator