The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) presents a new language to the structure of a business. The EOS model eliminates traditional role titles and gives people accountability seats. One of these seats is the Integrator seat. While a traditional organization may have a team member with the title General Manager or Chief Operating Officer, an integrator is responsible for the unification of all major business functions.

The integrator is a compliment and necessity to a visionary who likes to stay high level and focus on the big picture. An integrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a business. Their job is to hold the leadership team to a high standard of accountability while moving the organization through problem solving and towards meeting goals.

What Integrators Do Best:

• Glue for the Organization
• Tie-Breaker for the Leadership Team
• Provide Structure and Predictability
• Accountable for the P&L Results
• Execute the Details Within the Business Plan

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A Great Integrator:

• Operates on Sound Logic
• Drives Execution
• Forces Resolution
• Focuses and Unites the Team to Execute Their Mission

Why Do I Need an Integrator?

A great integrator will allow the visionary to sit in his or her perfect seat and harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team. An integrator helps to remove obstacles and barriers needed to accomplish the vision agreed upon by the Leadership Team.

If you are having trouble reaching goals and streamlining processes, you may be missing an integrator on your team.

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