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The Legacy 4:12 team has been in your shoes, in a place where we have had vision for our business, but not always feeling comfortable on how to make the vision a reality.

We guarantee that, after we invest in you and your team, your organization will have clear and concise operational strategies that accelerate growth, run efficiently, and create margin.

We believe in this so much that if you feel you didn’t receive value from us, you don’t have to pay.

Fractional COO and Integrator Services

The Legacy 4:12 team provides fractional integrators (COO) and like services for companies that are lacking a key person that…

  • Operates on Sound Logic
  • Drives Execution
  • Forces Resolution
  • Focuses and Unites the Team to Execute Their Mission

A visionary that remains high level and is future focused, is one key in a successful business. Their counterpart, an integrator, focuses on the day-to-day aspects of the company that helps execute the visionary’s plan.

Legacy 4:12 serves visionaries that are in one of the following scenarios.

  1. Have an integrator in place but they are looking to get additional coaching help the integrator raise the ceiling.
  2. A company that has yet to clearly identify a integrator and needs services to keep the company operating well.
  3. A company that realizes they do not have an integrator within the organization and must bring one on to ensure an operational sound business.

Legacy 4:12 works with entrepreneurs in each of these situations. To learn more about potential opportunities on how we can serve your organization please click here to set up a free 15 minute phone call.


The Process:




This is for us to understand what your needs, wants, and desires are and determine if a next step should happen together.


This is an opportunity for you and your team to get a taste of what your organization would look and feel like using the system and tools the Legacy team brings to the table. It’s also a chance for for us to learn more about your organization and the dynamics of your team. If there’s continued alignment and you’re ready, we’re a go!


Our official start. Right away, we are going to determine if the right people are in the right seats, capture your priorities for the next 90 days, bring discipline into your meetings, and chip away at some of your key metrics.


We will first make sure you and your team are mastering some key tools. Then, we will simplify and clarify your organization’s vision, ensuring that everyone is rowing in the same direction.


These sessions are focused on your execution. We will check up on your vision, team health, priorities, ability to solve issues, use of key tools, discipline, and accountability. We also introduce new tools to ensure your organization is constantly growing.


We first do a high-level review of what happened in your previous year. Then, we roll up our sleeves and strategically plan what we need to do to make next year the best possible year for your growth.

To learn more about potential opportunities on how we can serve your organization please click here to set up a 15 minute call to see if the 90-minute meeting is the next best step.