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Getting the Traction You Need to Grow Your Business

6 Key Components in a Business – Part 6 When you are running your business, “Traction” is what you want to achieve. Don’t worry; you will get here if you can work and execute on the other five components that we discussed in other blogs. Most people never get here because they lack disciple and […]

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Forming the Right Process to Grow Your Business

6 Key Components in a Business – Part 5 This one is probably my most favorite section. It’s what I do best; it’s what comes naturally. After all, everyone likes doing things that they are good at. Process is all about the way you do business. If you can document clear ways on how you […]

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Overcoming Issues Holding Your Business Back

6 Key Components in a Business – Part 4 Issues – we all have them, some more than most. Like people, all businesses have them too. I love how people try to rename these and call them challenges or something softer, but at the end of the day, they are what they are – issues. […]

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Using Data Wisely to Grow Your Business

6 Key Components in a Business – Part 3 I am not sure who likes numbers, outside of accountants, but then again, they are the lifeblood of your business. All great business leaders rely on a handful of metrics to manage their business. When I started my first company, I was flying blind. At the […]

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Growing Your Business by Finding the Right People

6 Key Components in a Business – Part 2 If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you need to find another room. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with great people. You need great people who bring something different to the table along with others that challenge you and don’t simply agree with everything you say. […]

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6 Key Components in a Business – Part 1

Creating a Vision that Guides Everyone Over the next six weeks, I am going to be sharing the key six components that every business needs to win. The first section topic I will discuss is vision. Why? Those without vision perish, and that axiom is true in business as it is with life. Great businesses […]

Business Health Check Up

Checkup – Is Your Business Healthy?

We all go to the doctor. Some of us go after problems happen, some of us prior. How often do you regularly go to the doctor’s office just because? In fact, many times we will self-medicate with something from the drug store instead of going to the doctor. Most business owners are the same way; […]