Legacy 4:12 Consulting Group has successfully partnered with accredited investors to fund new business acquisitions and growth initiatives in their business holdings for the past decade.

Legacy is actively looking to acquire equity in companies that meet a set list of criteria. We have built our model through a decade of investment win’s and losses to maximize investor upside and mitigate risk. Through years of experience, the Legacy team knows what makes an ideal investment opportunity

Often times Legacy 4:12 will invest in opportunities in which the current management team stays in place. These companies are open to an investment and equity sale because they have hit a preverbal ceiling and are looking to get to the next level.

These investments simply need better systems, tools, and support to break through the ceiling. That is why Legacy has partnered with the Entrepreneurial Operating System that allows teams to achieve more.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System, helps teams gain clarity on who they are, what they do, and why they do it. The operating system is currently being used in 20,000 business nationwide is and the fastest growing operational system on the market because of the results it brings.

Our acquisition criteria and shared operating system allows us to easily decipher great opportunities from good ones. Once the acquisition is completed we can quickly implement and execute the tactical items that give the investors the returns they desire.

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