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Legacy 4:12  is a business coaching, consulting and strategic business partnership company.

Our Core Focus is to:

“Provide entrepreneurs with operational strategies to accelerate growth, run efficiently and create margin.”

How We Work

Casey Cavell founded the company as a direct result of experiences he encountered and overcame during his own entrepreneurial career. Because of this experience, our team chooses to work with the dedicated, invested and growth-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to bring in outside help.

The Legacy team treats each business like it’s our own, being accountable to all members of the leadership team. The investment of time and resources is something we take very seriously. Failure is not an option.

Legacy uses an operating system that brings basic operational concepts and combines them into a dynamic everyday tool. Use of these tools turns your business into an efficient problem-solving machine. This system is not a temporary bandage for the problems of a growing business; the model provides the tools needed to fix issues both now and in the future.

Legacy 4:12 provides dedicated, invested, and growth-minded entrepreneurs with tools that will allow them to

• Simplify
• Delegate
• Predict
• Systemize
• Structure Their Business

As a result, the entrepreneurs will gain clarity on their businesses objectives over the next 90 days. This is the first step in achieving your long-term vision.

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